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Simon, 13 years old, is currently studying Pop Music Cartography, an intricate & complex subject.
He knew right away where to put Liverpool & its Beatles, and California, homeland of Sunshine Pop. A gifted student, he didn't forget Wales (Super Furry Animals), or Scotland (Belle & Sebastian) or Sweden (The Cardigans). And the cherry on the top, he remembered to mark Dijon, sheltering a pop treasure in its bosom: PolarSun.
Bingo, right there, full marks guaranteed.

Formed in 2002, PolarSun is a dream team of pop with JP & JC on guitars & vocals, Sarah on bass, Laurie on keyboards & Orel' on drums.
The 5 of them play a featherlight, classy pop, with melodies that'll take your breath away, diabolical rhythms (have a listen to Shy on The Magic of Crashing Lights for all the evidence you need), while still knowing how to hit you in the gut with overwhelming songs like the magnificent X Song.

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The Magic of Crashing Lights
A brilliant mix of power pop & sunshine pop; a record that should be available on the National Health... (MP3 Download)

Ifuthinkitisitisnot (Digital LP)
This LP is the third one from indie pop band PolarSun. If you like the Teenage Fanclub and the Boo Radleys, we are sure you will enjoy this shiny pop songs. (MP3 Download)

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Kaiser Chiefs : The Future Is Medieval

Opeth : Blackwater Park

Steve Hackett: Beyond The Shrouded Horizon

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Boo Radleys
Trash Can Sinatras
Teenage Fanclub

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